About Bored Housewife

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Grievous bodily harm, Trashy magazines, Television and computer game immersion, cheap supermarkets, casual sex, recreational drug-use, social alienation and dysfunctional romances are but a few of the subjects tackled by Bored Housewife in their unabashed critique of everyday life. The songs will make you laugh, but comedy is the wrong word to describe them. The lyrics are arrows aimed at the heart of the western dream and the music a love song lamenting the slow demise of the culture from which the songs were birthed.

Recently sharing stages with the likes of The Burning Hell and The Wave Pictures, Bored Housewife began life in Belfast in 2008 as Justin McKeown and Meabh McDonnell. In 2011 they moved to York, UK, where they met Rob Harrington and Ed Harrington. After some initial gigs as Bored Housewife's backing band, Rob and Ed joined as full band members in 2013. Rob and Ed's technical musical abilities solidify the Bored Housewife sound, adding new rhythmic and melodic dimensions to the clever lyrics and vocal harmonies.